Agenda October 24, 2013 - Agua SUD Board Meeting

Called Meeting of the Board of Directors

Agua S.U.D.  Administration Building

3120 North Abram Road

Palmview, Texas


October 24, 2013

6:00 PM



I.            Call to Order

a.       Roll Call

b.      Invocation

c.       Pledge of Allegiance

d.      Public Comment

II.            Public Meeting on East EDAP (Palmview) Wastewater Treatment Plant and Wastewater Collection System (sewer project).

III.            Minutes

a.       Approval of minutes of the October 10, 2013 Agua Board Meeting

IV.            Consent Agenda

a.       NONE

V.            Managers’ Report

a.       DWSRF Sullivan Water Tower update

                                                              i.      Architectural concrete issues  

b.      Amistad/Falcon Lake levels update

c.       Treatment and Pumping Capacity Percentages update

d.      Finance

                                                              i.      Quarterly Investment Report

                                                            ii.      September Financials

VI.            Discussion and possible action on conditions to release of the water distribution infrastructure and meters as it relates to MUD 1 re-service of Ann Richards School.

VII.            Discussion and possible action on a Water Restriction Variances request from Capital Star Oil and Gas, Inc.

VIII.            Discussion and possible action on a selection of dates for a budget workshop to discuss items for the 2014 Agua SUD Capital Improvement and Operating Budget.

IX.            Discussion and possible action on East EDAP (Palmview) sewer project matters.

a.       TWDB

                                                              i.      Clean Water State Revolving funds

                                                            ii.      Discussion and possible action on status of East (Palmview) sewer project easement acquisition

                                                          iii.      East EDAP (Palmview Sewer Project) TWDB October 17th, 2013 Board meeting update.

b.      BECC

c.       TCEQ

d.      S&B Engineers

                                                              i.      Permits

X.            Discussion and possible action on items discussed in executive session.

XI.            Adjournment


Agenda items may be considered, deliberated and/or acted upon in a different order than numbered above.  The Board of Directors of the Agua Special Utility District reserves the right to adjourn into Executive (Closed) Session at any time during the course of this meeting to discuss any of the items listed on this agenda, as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551, Texas Government Code.  No final action will be taken in Executive Session.


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